Punk Pin Iron-On Patch


Punk Pin Iron-On Patch


Punk Rock Safety Pin Iron-On Patch

"You ain't no punk, you punk. You wanna talk about the real junk?" - The Cramps

Who knows? What is punk anymore? Is it dead? Was it ever alive? Is it undead? Does it live in your garage, your basement, your trashcan? Can you put your finger on it? Can you put your finger in your nose? Hey don't put that finger in your nose, you don't know where that finger has been. Is punk a has been? Is it a stay tuned for more yet to come? Does it ask more questions than it answers? Can anyone really be sure? For those that are, here's a iron-on patch for ya.

• silver and red embroidery on a black felt background
• iron-on backing
• can also be sewn on easily
• 3.25" wide by 1.5" tall

Get one for yourself. Get 12 for your poser friends.

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