First day on the job

A Ukranian man got a new job at an architectural firm in Chicago. Not that it is important that he is Ukrainian or that he is in Boston but it was his first day at the new job. It is also not important what he knows or doesn’t know about architecture neither is it important what his title is or what duties are expected or not expected of him to perform. 

I’m telling you all this because this is sort of what he was thinking to himself after he parked his car in the parking garage and was walking down the hallway towards the elevator or the way that he thought was towards the elevator. Again. First day. New building.

He found himself lost in a maze of hallways in one of the basements of the building and that is when he saw it next to a very solid looking giant locked industrial strength door. A red metal box built into the wall framed with a piece of glass, like a fire hose, only this box didn’t have a fire hose in it. There was a crucifix, a wooden stake with a mallet, some cloves of garlic and a vial of holy water. Under the glass painted on the red metal in bold white sans serif letters, a sign said “IN CASE OF VAMPIRE ATTACK, BREAK GLASS.”

The Ukranian architect thought I guess its a good thing he doesn’t work the night shift.